Rental Rules

**Violation of rules can result in forfeiture of deposit and extra fees**

Welcome to Chalk Creek Canyon Rentals!  We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

Our properties are privately owned and all items are the private property of the owners.  We appreciate our owners making their homes available for rent and we ask that you respect their property.  All members of your group should be made aware of this information so that you can receive your full damage deposit back after departure.

CHECK-IN time is 4 p.m.  Please do not arrive before 4 p.m., plan your travel accordingly. Our cleaning crews needs this time to clean.

CHECK-OUT time is 10 a.m.  Please vacate property no later than 10 a.m. so that we can have it ready for the next guests. If you would like to stay longer please contact the manager in advance for availability.

PETS:  No pets are allowed unless it is a pet friendly property and you have pre-arranged with reservations to bring your pet.  You are responsible for all damages caused by your pet.  If you bring a pet to a “no pet” property, your group will be asked to vacate the property immediately with no refund. Pets should not be left to roam unattended or left in the rental by themselves unless crated.

SMOKING:  No smoking is allowed inside any of our properties. See property for the specific rules of your rental. Outside porches and decks may be used for smoking.  Cigarette butts should be disposed of in an appropriate receptacle.  Do not throw them on the decks, porches, lawns or grounds.

TOWELS & LINENS:  Towels are provided for bathing and are not to be taken from the property.  Linens, blankets, pillows, mattresses and comforters are not to be taken or used outside.

FURNITURE:  Do not rearrange the furniture or move to other rooms.  Do not take deck furniture off of the property.

OUTDOOR AREAS:  Outdoor areas must be cleaned and returned to proper order prior to departure.  This is not included in your cleaning fee.

BBQ PITS:  If a barbecue is provided at your property, it should be used in an open area only so as not to cause a fire hazard.  Winds can be very strong. You should not barbecue on decks or under porches.  Most grills are propane, if charcoal, let coals cool, remove charcoal from pit, discard in garbage bag and clean grill after use.

NEIGHBORING PROPERTIES: Please be considerate of neighbors and respect their property.  

OCCUPANCY:  The person booking the rental must be staying for the duration of the rental.  A maximum occupancy is listed for each property.  This is the maximum number of people that may sleep in the house overnight. We do not allow large groups of extra guests and large “yard party” situations.  If the police are dispatched to the house due to large groups of people or because of loud or disruptive behavior, we reserve the right to deny occupancy to all member of your group with no refund.

CAMPERS:  Positively no mobile homes, campers, trailers, tents or any other type of additional sleeping units are allowed on any of our properties.  


  • No drinking by minors on property
  • No illegal drugs on property
  • No activity that would disturb neighbors, including rowdy behavior, public nudity, loud, drunken or other obnoxious behavior
  • No loud music after 10 p.m.

GARBAGE:  All garbage must be bagged, tied and placed in the roadside bins.  Do not throw loose garbage or trash in the cans. See specific property for any other suggestions.  

RESTROOMS: Do not dispose of feminine products, baby wipes, paper towels or any other items in the toilet. Toilet tissue and human waste are the only things that should be flushed.  Other items create problems that may cause toilets to back up.  Please dispose of other items in trash cans.

MAINTENANCE:  We do our best to maintain properties and keep everything in proper working condition.  Please contact us if something is broken or needs attention.  If at all possible, it will be corrected during your stay.  If something gets broken, please let us know immediately so that we can get it repaired or replaced prior to the arrival of the next guest.

THERMOSTATS:  Please set thermostats to 50 upon departure.


  • Dishes, pots and other kitchen items should be washed and put away
  • Remove your food from refrigerator, freezer, cabinets and drawers
  • Bag and tie trash and put in road side bins
  • Return tables, chairs, barbecue pits, to the areas where you found them
  • Remove charcoal and clean barbecue’s while the grill is hot, turn off propane
  • Turn off lights, lock doors and windows, turn thermostats to 50
  • Place remote controls on top of TVs

LIABILITY:  Neither the owner, nor Chalk Creek Canyon, LLC is liable to renter, renter’s employees, patrons and visitors, or to any other person for any damage to person or property caused by any act, omission or neglect of renter or any other tenant of the described premises.  Renter assumes responsibility for the condition of the premises.  Owner and Rental Manager will not be liable for any injury caused by any defect there in to the renter or anyone on the premises who derives his right to be thereon from the renter.

DAMAGE AND THEFT:  Our properties are privately owned and all items in the house are the private property of the owner.  Damage to property or missing items will be deducted from your damage deposit.  We understand that accidents happen and we ask that you report any damage immediately so that we can arrange for repair or replacement as soon as possible.  If the damage exceeds the amount of the damage deposit, you are responsible for the additional amount.  Damage deposits are refunded within 30 days of departure.


Thank you for staying with us.  Have a great time!

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